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Red Worms – Red Wigglers


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Product Description

Red worms are popular for use in composting, gardens, and as fish bait. They are shorter in length and skinnier than night crawlers, but are quicker in water and compost. Because of this, they are also known as red wigglers. Red worms make excellent composting worms because they digest organic materials quickly and their waste is full of nutrients. Red worms are an easy and cost-effective way of fertilizing a garden and breaking down waste.

A few things to know before ordering:

  • Average of 1,000 bed-run red worms per pound
  • Bulk orders are available at cheaper rates
  • Compost bins start with two pounds of red worms
  • Specify if ordering for fishing purposes so you will receive larger red worms.
  • Order one, two, three, four, five, or ten pound batches
  • Guaranteed live delivery

Red Worms in Your Garden

Constantly buying fertilizers for your garden or flower beds gets very expensive. Even manure, which one might expect to be cheap, sells for over five dollars for forty pounds. However, a worm casing is only three dollars and fifty cents per pound, and they continuously provide the quality fertilization that your plants need. It is always more effective to do things the way that mother nature intended. Each worm provides five times more nutrients than the best store-bought top soil and you will save the time and hassle of constantly having to buy more dirt. Manure and fertilizers have to be bought continuously throughout the year to provide proper nutrients for plants need, while worms produce fertilizer year-round.

By ordering a worm bin you will reduce your carbon footprint dramatically. Landfills create methane gas, polluting the air and destroying ozone. Using worms to compost your everyday household waste reduces methane gasses and helps preserve the environment. As composing worms wiggle through the ground, they aerate the soil while ingesting and decomposing the waste in the dirt. Did you know that a single red worm recycles six to eight pounds of trash per week? This means people can effectively recycle sixty percent of their household trash in one week. By doing this you will get the added bonus of not having to fill up your trashcans with wasted food or leftovers.

However, there are more benefits to composting worms than just reducing waste. All plants need nutrient-rich soil to grow and thrive. Red worms burrow continuously through the ground while aerating the spoil. What this does is create the perfect combination of nitrogen and oxygen for the plants. Worm poop is extremely useful in plant life. The rich excrement that each worm produces delivers sugar, amino acids, and probiotic enzymes directly to the soil—all essential for plant development.

Also, families and kids love building and maintaining worm farms. You can watch the worm community grow right in front of your eyes! This can be a great school project or learning experience for kids.

Our Red Worms

We have the best prices and the highest quality red worms available. All our Florida red worms are raised on only organic foods and no artificial enhancers. They are shipped straight from the farm and are guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy. We ship over four thousand pounds of worms every year to customers of all kinds. Schools, enthusiastic composters, gardeners, and fishers are all happy with our worms.

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1lb, 2lb, 3lb, 4lb, 5lb, 10lb

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    TeresaCurrent estimates place anwheyre from 4,400 to 6,000 different types of earthworms. Some of the most sought after fro composting and fishing are Alabama Jumpers, red wigglers, European nightcrawlers and African nightcrawlers. For more information visit or to purchase worms, visit the online store at .

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