Eggshells for Worms


Eggshells for Worms

Hi, I’m Dallas the Worm Man and I’m going to tell you about how to increase the productivity of your fishing worms. Fishing worms are generally stressed out from all the shipping when you buy them. They are going to be dehydrated, and dehydrated worms are not attractive to fish. They are going to need a new home, and a soft bed of top soil, peat moss and some shredded newspaper is the perfect environment for them.

Feeding Your Worms

If you want to keep your worms healthy, you need to feed them. However, you cannot feed them anything acidic. So, no lemons, limes, oranges and so on. If the food will leave a stain on a paper cup, you don’t want to feed it to your worms. Acidic food decreases the pH levels of your compost, making the worms infertile. Instead, feed them soft and moist foods, such as watermelon.


One surprisingly effective food product for worms is eggshells. Eggshells will keep your worms extra healthy and make them more productive. They decrease the acidity of the bedding, increasing the pH so that it remains neutral. This is the best environment for your worms to breed and you will soon see them multiplying in number quickly. Eggshells also keep the worms more active in the water, increasing their chances of attracting the big fish.


Eggshells also contain calcium deposits on their surface. Calcium increases the toughness of the worms’ skins. This makes them stronger and more active in the water. I highly recommend eggshells as worm food because of all the benefits they provide to your worms. Not only does it make the worms healthier, it also makes them more fertile and increases their rate of reproduction. Ultimately, you have the best possible worms for your fishing expedition.



Sometimes, eggshells can contain salmonella and this can kill your worms. For this reason, I recommend that you boil your eggshells before adding them. Boiling the eggshells kills the salmonella while retaining all the properties needed to keep your worms strapping and fit. Dry out your eggshells and then crush them to get a fine powder that you can sprinkle on top of your worms. You can crush your eggshells using a mortar and pestle, or even just any crushing equipment.

Amount of Eggshells

Now, you might be wondering how many eggshells are required per week. Well, I would say for a medium sized worm compost tray containing bait-sized night crawlers, about one or two eggshells should suffice. This isn’t absolutely essential, but it would definitely increase the productivity of your worms.

So, save up on your eggshells throughout the week, boil the shells, dry them, crush them and feed them to your worms for healthier, more active and many more worms. Your worms will be much better in quality than the worms you get straight from the market. A little work and a little care and you will soon be catching more fish than anyone else during your fishing trip.

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